It all started in the week for the Dutch Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is a day where every kid in the Netherlands is looking for the entire year. On pakjesavond (present night) they receive presents of Sinterklaas, the holy Saint Nicolas of Myra (Turkey). In the Netherlands Sinterklaas is supposed to come from Spain with a steam boat full of presents and his helpers the Zwarte Pieten.

Off course in the period before Sinterklaas arrives every mum en dad is complete stressed out searching for the perfect present for their children. Just like the rest off the world is going trough when Christmas arrives and Santa is coming.
This year I was looking for a doll's house for my five year old daughter Lotte. I still remember the day my grandfather gave me the doll's house he made for me and my sister and how excited I was and I wanted to give her something similar.

Rope hair
I started surfing on the internet but except for some brilliant houses designed mostly in the US, I couldn't find anything I liked. And when there was something getting close to my wishes it had doll's with rope hair an furniture that just wasn't like the real thing.
the rope haired dolls of the children's doll's house

In the beginning of december Marieke started working in my bureau as a trainee and I gave her the assignment to investigate the history of the doll's house and to do marketing research. In the meantime we started sketching in the office and in restaurant, talking about different solutions in the car on our way to clients.

The initial plan was getting more and more serious and after making some models in foam board and finding solutions for an economic production process, and a affordable price range for consumers Marieke started working on the prototype.
Right now we are doing research on production methods and we will be starting to design furniture.