Monday, February 14, 2011

The first drafts

Today Marieke had the first of her two final assessments. Together with her teacher I had to judge her work and how she went to the process. When I was talking with her teacher while filling in the forms I saw I could only choose between sufficient and insufficient. I thought sufficient didn't describe the kind of work she delivered the past couple of months so I was very happy that her teacher agreed with me to give her the extra note of excellent performance..

Marieke was so happy with this result that she got tears in her eyes, actually I didn't keep them dry myself.

Afterwards we where talking about the process we went trough and Marieke took all the notes and paper from her bag. And there they where, the first drafts. Hadn't seen them in months! Funny how to see that we stayed so close to our first sketches during the entire process.

If you are wondering what kind language is written on the drawing, I tried to write upside down. I promise not to do that again!

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